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*** Please click the link to review this year's Graduation Information Sheet before filling out your online application and registration form ***

 BHS 2024 15TH GRAD INFO (PDF) (Downloading and printing this document is recommended)

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Where did you hear about the graduation?

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Graduate's Full Name (First Middle Last - the way you would like it to appear on their certificate of participation):

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Class of Graduation (required - select one):

Senior Middle
Elementary Kindergarten
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Graduate's Sex (required - select one):

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Graduate's Height (an example what to tpye  "4 feet, 9 inches"):

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Graduate's Weight in pounds (an example of what to type "95"):

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Graduate's Cap and Gown Size (see charts above and fill in the 2 digit size, example "42"):

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Parent/Guardian #1 Name (required - please complete):

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First Name

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Parent/Guardian #2 Name:

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Please type your complete mailing address including county as shown, in the box below (example address shown):

Address _________________________                                     "1234 Main Street Apt A"

City ____, State___   Zip Code ______                                        "Anytown, MD 29999"

County _________________                                                         "Howard"

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Contact Cell Number:

Please provide a cell number where you can be reached by a committee member as your primary number.  Often times the few calls the graduation committee would make to you is typically a matter of importance.

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Alternative Contact Type:

Home Cell

Alternative Contact Phone #:

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E-mail Address(es):

Please use an email address that you check regularly as all correspondence, including the event pictures link, will be sent to this email address.  An email address is required.

Email Address (required)


Senior Graduates only please describe your Talents/Hobbies (optional):


Senior Talents/Hobbies continued:

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Electronic Signature:

By typing my name and date in the appropriate box below, I acknowledge, affirm and agree that I have read and understand all of the above terms of this BHS Graduation Registration and that I accept and will comply by all that is written.  For the senior graduates that are 18 years or older, both the parent/guardian and the senior graduate must sign.


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Parent/Guardian Date Completed (MM / DD / YYYY)


Senior Graduate


Senior Date Completed (MM / DD / YYYY) 



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